Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sleepy wednesday i am stuck here in front of this lappy marking and key in marks since morning...thank Allah..the students are all not in school coz they went for camp since last monday.... so i can concentrate with this.. hehe (sesambil berselang seli dgn page yg berwarna putih biru itu ;p)

we went outside for lunch and have the delicious ikan bakar in keramat au food court..heavenly heaven :).. sesekali makan nasi selain nasik tul..tapi bahananye ..mate ku sgt lah tak boleh dibuka sekarang huhuhu..ok ler need to continue work now...

my ganja..:) on your mark..get set..GO!

Monday, October 22, 2012

1 hectic but FUN sunday!

last Sunday was really hectic but fun... it was not really well planned actually..but as usual not well planned things will always turns out to be great and fun..

we started our day as early as 8am when we went swimming with tok, kakya and her kiddos @ KGPA (kelab golf perkhidmatan awam). the pool was was not that big but because of not so many people it is quite fun.. and the best thing was i managed to do 8laps of breaststroke..yeay!! after so many years of not doing the laps..usually when we went swimming it was more of 'berendams' ;).. usually when i tried to do will always be 1/2 of it...not even manage to finished 1 lap..this is due my breathing technique was wrong actually..sbb dah lama kan tak swim betul2 hehe.. so last Sunday , alhamdulillah i successfully did 8 laps with the right breathing technique.. Iman was so excited to swim...he don't even want to be in his floaties..and was eagerly to jump in to the adult pool while said ...."un..tuuu..yiiii..(1..2...3...)"..this time dalila the one yg takut2 sket..did not want to swim in the adult pool and was in the child pool by herself..even all her cousins was in adult pool... we swam untill abt 10++ i guess (dont really watch the time..) and then went home... arrived home at abt 12...lepak2 for a while..and after that siap2 for ellys new baby gurl akikah... i havent met elly for quite sometime..she was actually my dear friend from school...we started to be close when i was in form 5..arrived at ellys house at abt 2.30...makan2 and met her new 'my sara farha'..cute name!then we make our move back home.. again after rehat2 sekejap.. siap2 balik to dine outside after asar.. so at about 5.30 we went to pavillion and had tony romas steak for our dinner..yummy! seriously it was damn delicious..hehe we only took 2 dishes plus 1 kids meal..n we were really full like hell already..tak tau la macam mana those yg order 1 dish per person tu..pengsan kot nak abiskan hehe.. after maghrib prayer we went back home..tak jalan2 pun @ pavilion because it is monday nite means tomorrow is work n skool by the time we arrived home.. dalila was already asleep since in the car..yg dok cergas mergas pakcik iman..because he was already slept on the way to pavi... and that is how we end our day on sunday..seriously we had a great time!


~my sara farha akikah~




Monday, July 30, 2012

cleaning the dust~~

haaacheeemmm!!! huish berabukss.. :) 
wow babyy..its been a long lonnnngg timee...
heh so sorry dear..been bz and malas to update the blog..
even now still dont have the feeling of writing..just the sake of updating it..
so here we go a very quick update about our life..

dalila dearie..u are now a big2 sista to ur beloved lil bro Muhammad Darwish Iman who is 1yr and 3months old.. beloved iman was born on 14th april 2011... and u dalila is already 4 years old.. huh how time flies...

that's all for now 1st ..will really try hard to update more often okie dokie .. 

~me and my jantung hatiesss~
dejavu di kinabalu :P


Sunday, March 27, 2011

potty train result & reward + bubbye polycarbonate bottles

salam dear..
its been 15 days already since u have been potty train..n seriously for me its a big success..yeah u go gurl!! (hover la pulak ummie ni kan) for now whenever u want to wee wee u will go to toilet..but for the poo poo still have to do it in ur diapers..xpe la..anyway we already save 2-3 diapers per day..means it's like 60 diapers per month = 1 pack of drypers = rm40.00 yeah tq darling! but there is this one time when u tercicir but it happen like so cute ..its like this.. u were playing with ur blocks (u call it klcc n u really loveeesss to play with it)..ummie was watching tv at that time..suddenly u turn to me with ur innocent n confuse face n said.."ummie..ape yg tumpah ni?"..i was like.."ha tumpah?? ape yg tumpah?" i was bz looking for any cup or anything..ingatkan u tertumpahkan ur drink or anything..and u still go like "ummi ape yg tumpah ni??" n theeenn suddenly my brain got compute n..oh noo.."dalila kencing ye???" and there u go again with ur innocent face.."ummi lala tencing..." halala so cute that i cant afford to scold u at that time hehe..comey's ok dear... u r still in ur learning process rite..neway i'm so proud of u dear.. seriously..

ok as a successful potty train result i actually want to reward u with a gift..u demand for ur Barbie's we went to one utama to get it..but we can't find one..huhu sian my baby.. neway i bought u some other stuff that i'll considered it as a reward n promised u that we gonna find the Barbie's clothes later k..

my big big gurl having an auntie annes pretzel as a snack @ o.u

chopp..enterprem sket ;) melepaskan gian men'drive' kete

~ potty train reward ~

this is a gift for ayah coz ayah did not joined us to o.u sbb keje.. hehe yes it is pink color.. coz ummi loikeee :)

ok now lets go for the 2nd issues which is about polycarbonate bottles.. lately the issue become very fofular... n yes ummi got worried..check ur bottle..n there it goes the triangle with "pc" in the middle signs..huh oh man i've been feeding u with the chemicals..sorry dear.. so i've straight away decided to get away with the bottles..including ur fav bottle which u call bottle ball..u really love the bottle like nobody biz..but u r seriously very matured with my decision..ecceh hehe cam la decision idup mati ceo company kan hehe.. so the day we went to o.u i got u new bottle as well...ingatkan mahei sgt la bottle yg bpa free ni kan..but last2nye ade jek yg 3bottles abt ape lagik kan..ummi grab la.. so ummi decided that from now on will strictly change ur bottle ev 6 months even though it is bpa free.. but for ur coming little baby..i've already bought the pigeon wide neck bottle and its quite expensive (xde la semahal avent kan..but still) n when i checked there was no pc sign..but when i checked at the stated that it's made from polycarbonate..huh! so without wasting any time i emailed pigeon and they replied..
"Pigeon bottles contain a minimal amount of BPA; less than 0.01ug/ml (the European standard allows BPA content of 0.04ug/ml). This is due to the fact that Pigeon bottles are manufactured using an extremely high grade of Polycarbonate. Clearly, Pigeon is a safe option."
Alhamdulillah :).. so will use the bottle for 6months than will change it to bpa free ek dear little baby.. ok la i think i've already membebel too i'll pen-off now... bubbye :)

new bpa free bottles

with ur old bottles..and fav ball bottle

~gud bye to u my trusted frenz~
throwing ur fav ball bottle

Thursday, March 17, 2011

potty train

ola dear...
k dear since u r turning 3 this july and going to be big2 sista ummi n ayah decided that u've to be potty train.. actuallynye i've tried few times before this..tapi seriously i'm not that patience hehe.. so since this week is skool holiday and i've more time with u so i think this is the most suitable time...
ok lets stop membebeling ..hehe ok i started the potty train process on monday..but not fully potty train..means on off pakai diapers gak... bile kuar or tido i will put the diapers on..
so far alhamdulillah went u r not wearing ur diapers u will always told me when u feel like wee wee.. tapi if u want to poo poo.. n went i put u on the potty u cant really do ur biz..end up kene kai diapers baru leh hehe..mayb x comfortable kot.. n there is this one time.. u said u want to poo poo..pastu tak dok diam atas toilet seat..gedebuk jatuh tersembam..luckily sempat tahan with ur hand..kalau tak mesti ur face dah cium the toilet floor..poor my baby.. tapi takpe rite dear.. learn from experience hehehe.. so the result for this potty train project in this 4 days..i think it is quite a success..sbb baru 1 time jek yg u tercicir kat luar...the rest alhamdulillah berjaye ke toilet :).. so we will see for another 3days..hopefully everything goes fine.. gud luck dear!

Monday, February 21, 2011


salam..'s been a long long time.. it's been 6 months plus since my last update rite..sowi dear..
been bz + very the lazy mazy huhu.... so what happens in this last 6 months?? a LOT!
so dalila dearie..1st important thing is that u r going to be big big sista soon.. i'm already in my 33 weeks another 7 weeks to pop out..and u r very excited about this dear..cant wait to become a big sista eh? everyday u will come and hug my tummy and talk to ur little bro (2x far they said it's a boy..hopefully..amin).. some of ur fav things to say is '' baby **** nanti baby kuar baby minum shushu ummi ye'' hehe this is because u know that i cant breastfeed u when u were a baby because I've problem to stimulate the BM and once it was stimulated..u were already very comfortable with the formula milk and reject BM.. :( ... u also will come n kiss my tummy n said "sayang baby ****" what a lovely sister..hopefully it remains forever hehe nanti baby kuar jgn jeles2 ye darling.. but there is a risk about this pregnancy..since i'm not very well and have to be on my it is a high risk pregnancy..actually this is an unplanned pregnancy.. i was so surprised and terrified at the same time when i know i'm pregnant..but we've to redha and ready to face anything..and have to do a lot of doa.. we did all the test..nt scan..detailed scan.. so far everything looks ok and normal..hope everything will turn out just fine ..amin.. oh okie.. during this pregnancy i was attacked with acute bronchitis for like almost 1month..and the latest is diabetes :( .. okie ler lets move on..hmm actually there a a lot of thing to be write on..especially on your progress dear.. but let me put that in points so it will not make everybody boring with my essay writing which is not sooo good..hehe
  1. u r already 2 years and 7months old.. going to be 3 years old this july..huhu how time flies???
  2. very very very talkative..membebel like nenek geram with ur mulut!
  3. whenever u want sumthing..u will do ur aksi memujuk with ur head terlentok and said.."pleaseeeee"
  4. can help ummi to take things on the table..throw things in the bin..and so on
  5. u can also know how to merajuk..nowadays when u merajuk u will said things like "nak balik umah opah".. nak balik tampung"
  6. and the list go on..
actually there a lotsss more..but cant just think about it now..will add more later ek dear..okie ler i thinks i'll stop now 1st..really will try to update frequently..take care dearie..and ummi want u to know that i love u so much more than words can say...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

its Ramadhan..yeay!

salam dear..

It's Ramadhan! Alhamdulillah we have another chance to meet this Ramadhan.. TQ Allah :)
this will be your 3rd ramadhan with us after the pengumuman by the mohor besar yesterday we (me,u n tok..ayah is working :( )went for solat tarawikh at jln F mosque.. and SubhanAllah u behave very good..this is the 1st time actually i brought u for the tarawikh in the mosque ..previous years we did it at home.. u were wearing ur kaftan (maryam gave it to u) n comel :).. at first u tried to follow us performing tarawikh...tungging sane tungging sini hehe..isk tak khusyuk ummi.. but after few rakaat u started to do ur own biz..and mostly was peeking to the male side..ish aper ler anak dara ummi ni..but u still behave gud did not go merayau2... very goood gurl :).. ok dear ..will try to update again later.. and to all..Salam Ramadhan..may Allah bless us in this Ramadhan..and lets " Fatten Up Our Iman & Slim Up Our Body ;) "

actually this pic was taken few weeks ago when u follow ummi to my skool program..adorable rite?
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